January 2018


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Rekommendationsbrev ifrån Suzanne Sjögren Jag är oerhört tacksam för den hjälp jag fick genom Damir och hans personal i samband med handbollsEM 2018. Jag- och ett par andra i vår personal- blev tvungna att söka akut vård under de två veckor vi var i Zagreb och via Damir fick vi bästa tänkbara hjä


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One of the purposes of our work is to offer help for international travellers of any kind when they are in Croatia and when a need arises. We can certainly tick on that one with good feeling and confidence in our doctors - partners and in ourselves as swift facilitators.

Web Accessibility for People with Disabilities

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We constantly learn and this is the fact that makes people awake, motivated and then eager to implement new knowledge into their work or daily routine. One of my first lessons this year relates to improving the website by making it accessible for people with disabilities.