With great relief and our full support, we wish to spread good news to our partners and friends that the Croatian economy has put its strong focus on medical tourism, with all its aspects and ample offer.

We in Wellbe have been working on this specific topic, promoting good Croatian propositions for winter, spring and autumn touristic development based on health and wellness. It is hard to be one of the first on the field since many doors have been closed and many opportunities already taken in other destinations. But now, finally, Croatia is ready to open its doors for year around visitors, especially for those seeking clean air, healthy food and environment , affordable medical services, wellbeing and in beautiful nature.

As a result, we expect more flight destinations to start operating with Croatian airports as well as more flights to start connecting the world with Croatia in the very near future.

In order to put this good news into nice packaging, the Croatian Tourist Board has launched several videos that you can find on this link:

See Croatia Videos

Enjoy Croatian beauty and come to witness it through Wellbe since we have been building our experience for several years now on wellbeing, health and medical visitors.