The Peharec motto is only to operate as a last resort

The polyclinic’s strongest side: this team of experts has been dedicated to the rehabilitation of acute and chronic lumbar pain syndrome as well as other painful conditions of the locomotive system for several decades.

The reputation: Doctor Stanislav Peharec is one of the leaders in physical therapy and sport injuries treatments among sport community is respectable. Many would say that the best therapist centres in the rehabilitation field in the region is Polyclinic Peharec in Pula.

Stanislav Peharec, PhD in somatology is the founder of the clinic and the key expert specialized in spine biomechanics.

The Peharec motto is only to operate as a last resort. The aim is to help a patient recover naturally just through rehabilitation procedures. This requires great endeavour by both the patient and the therapist. It is hard work but it is possible to achieve great results.

It is not just about famous athletes who have in the last few decades regained the desired fitness and health which enabled them to return to their respective sport clubs. It is about many patients with various level of injuries who came and left after few weeks (or sometimes longer) with positive outcomes and feeling of relief.

Besides clients from the sport field, the polyclinic provides a full, intensive rehabilitation treatment for health issues such as rheumatic diseases, spine disorders, recovery after hip or knee surgery.

With great enthusiasm and co-operation with their clients, the team in Peharec polyclinic manage to put together any rehabilitation programme, however complex and intensive it may be.

Clients usually have a tough schedule, which depends on the each individual status and condition as well as of dedication. Many clients claim that they are encouraged by care, expertise and warm, caring relationship that the polyclinic’s team exhibited during the therapies.

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