When I think Istria and Kvarner I immediately get this warm and homey feeling with the sea in my eyes and mountains behind. 

Soon, the path takes you up into the slopes and down the valleys that gradually become lower and finish in the sea again.

The coast is exciting with predominantly rocky beaches but there are also gravelly bays, offering relaxation after exciting walks in the nature. Small and sweet islands look like pearls that are determined to decorate even more this timid beauty.

The distance between the places is insignificant and one can visit the whole area in a day trip. However, once you start exploring and getting deeper into the story of many truly interesting places, you are taken by their irresistable attraction and you just want to stay and forget all the rest  for a moment.

I am happy we kept the occupancy of the area low and, still, we have plently of visits from all over the world and some of them, special people, fall in love with the place and stay.

By keeping the character and always staying open for new inhabitants, we are prepared to offer this feeling of wellbeing, relaxation as well as a serious approach to any health issue that our visitors and guests may have. We believe that once you come here, and feel good, you will come back again and bring with you more nice people to share all you have experienced.